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Sunday, November 17, 2019

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About Initio, Inc. (into) 

Initio, Inc. was principally, through it’s wholly –owned subsidiary, (Deerskin Trading Post, Inc.), a specialty retailer via direct response including e-commerce, catalogs, and media advertising. In April 1999, the Company entered into an agreement to sell substantially all of its assets of its operating business. 

Since that time Initio has engaged in investing and trading shares of publicly owned securities. In connection with this activity it became apparent to the Company that there were a significant number of small companies at strategic inflection points in need of structural, financial, organizational, and marketing assistance.  

Initio decided to offer management and consulting services to small, but established companies, primarily which are at a significant inflection point. 

Our management and consulting business is located in Rochelle Park, NJ at our wholly owned subsidiary, D&F Solutions Inc. 

Schedule an appointment today by calling 201-621-0400 and ask for Martin Fox or Dan DeStefano.
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